Some Comments & Reviews

Listener Comments:

"Great performances of great tunes!"

"Excellent singing from Mr. Bocchino, of classic songs! He's backed by superb ensemble playing, with interesting interplay between the pianist, guitarist and bassist. Arrangements are expertly penned, and this is a highly recommended recording!"

"Your album is simply AWESOME! You have such a lovely voice. Growing up I loved to dance around my living room to music from the albums we had. Tracks 2, 10, 11, 14, and 15 were my favorites and hit a chord with me. Thank you for escorting me down memory lane with your wonderful music!"

"Love the CD!! You sound great, and it's recorded so intimately, making it sound very personal to whoever listens. Great job!! You sound wonderful.

"Bob's voice is soothing and the arrangements are well done. This is a good addition to your collection of music to unwind to or to listen to on a long drive."

"How wonderful! That's just the type of music I love. What a wonderful project to have done. It's truly inspiring."

“I just wanted to say thank you, again, for allowing us to share your music this weekend! We played your CD's during the… Golden Reunion Brunch ……on Sunday, April 21, (2013) and our guests LOVED it! Your music was truly perfect and provided the perfect background to a wonderful day.”

“It is so nice to be able to hear different music on the computer.”